SkyVu wins Top 50 Developer Award - US developer SkyVu continues to build out its 3D shooter Battle Bears franchise, adding new games, themes and modes, most notably its real-time four-on-four multiplayer game.  Mixing up the paid model with free-to-play, the series has now been downloaded over 14 million times.  Read the full article here.


BATTLE BEARS named Top 50 Game Franchises - Today we’re paying tribute to Battle Bears, a unique series that combines cuddly teddy bears with wacky weapons and rainbow-colored gore.  Battle Bears is a fantastic shooter with wide appeal. Its easy-to-use controls make it a good introduction to survival shooters, while the challenging stages offer something for the more seasoned player.  Read the full article here.


SkyVu's BATTLE BEARS wins Best App Ever Awards - Battle Bears was named the Best Arcade & Action Game and second Best Mobile Game Series in the annual Best App Ever Awards.  Battle Bears came in second right after Telltale Games' The Walking Dead.  Battle Bears also took home honors for Best Game Soundtrack and honorable mentions for Best Casual Game, Best Game Controls, Best Multiplayer Game, Most Addictive Game and Most Innovative Game.  Read the full article here.


What Happens After Angry Birds Is Played Out? BATTLE BEARS!

WSJ All ThingsD - Now that Angry Birds has created millions of gamers on the iPhone, what will come next?  Game makers are preparing for an opportunity to create edgier games as players begin to move upstream after cutting their teeth on simple mechanics, like slingshots.  For instance, one of its games, Battle Bears, is a cross between Activision’s Call of Duty and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Read the full article here.


Surpassing 20M downloads, BATTLE BEARS hits SF's Billboards

VentureBeat - The company has become famous over the past four years for its Battle Bears games. The series of tough-talking cute bears — great for young boys stealing time on their parents’ iPhones — has enabled SkyVu to rise up from the sea of iPhone game developers, graduating from garage startup to a real business with dozens of employees and millions of dollars in annual revenue..  Read the full article here.


Lightbank Makes 1st Mobile Gaming Bet on BATTLE BEARS Dev

TechCrunch - Battle Bears studio SkyVu has raised its first round of VC funding, securing backing from Nextview Ventures, Great Oaks Venture Capital and Nebraska Angels. However, the round was led by Lightbank - an investment fund that usually focuses on early-stage technology companies - marking the firm's first investment in the mobile gaming scene.  Read the full article here.


Lightbank's 1st Gaming Deal is More Angry Birds Than Zynga

PandoDaily - Heard of Battle Bears? It’s a mobile game out of Omaha that’s amassed an 18 million-strong following and, as of today, an investment from an impressive group of investors: Lightbank has led a round of undisclosed size in the firm’s first ever gaming deal.  Perhaps more importantly from a business perspective, the characters live on through each update of the game, which gets users attached and willing to spend more money for upgrades, Vu says.  Battle Bears users spend an impressive average of 15.5 minutes per session.  Read the full article here.


Battle Bears Creator finds Inspiration in Family's Journey

CNN - Ben Vu's parents and older brother fled South Vietnam by boat in 1975 -- in the chaotic and violent final days before Saigon fell to communist forces from the north.  The family emigrated to a small town in Nebraska, where Ben was born, but the story of how the family escaped 38 years ago this month became part of the family lore -- real-life bedtime stories of daring and danger young Ben never tired of hearing.  Read the full article here.


Corporate Name: SkyVu Inc.
Founded: 2009
Co-Founder & CEO: Ben Vu

Core Products & Services:
AR Gamification Platform for Retail
Original Mobile Games

Total Downloads: 30 Million
Average Rating: 4.25 Stars

Top Franchises:
Let it Goat